Create wordpress Website


Create wordpress Website
I will set up a basic WordPress website, whatever kind of website you would like! I've worked with WordPress websites over a threeyears now and really enjoy working with WordPress.

Basic Portfolio sites, e-Commerce Stores, WooCommerce stores, Pay-pal integrations, Mailchimp integrations, SEO optimizations, comes with Responsive design. I can do most basic integrations to get you started on your website.Just tell me what type you would like to set up and I'll set it up for you, its as simple as that!

Basic Setup and Installation ($5)
Basic E-Commerce Setup with WooCommerce (+$10)
Basic SEO using plugin ($10)
Customize according to your needs ($10 or more depending on what it is)

What I DON'T DO: Website content, images, Programming, coding, custom integrations, custom themes, hard customizations (coding), development
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